26 / 06 / 2012

Neftegaz’2012: Events of the Exhibition

The Neftegaz’2012 exhibition attracts more and more attention of the industry experts. On the first day of the exhibition the number of visitors exceeded 11% of the corresponding figure of the previous exhibition.


The programme of events of Neftegaz’2012 arouses great interest of the professionals.

On June 26 ENERCON’2012 hosted the specialized Business Sections. One of them was devoted to discussions of the Technology Platforms for Fuels and Energy. It is a fundamentally new mechanism uniting science, business and the state in the interests of the innovative development of the oil and gas industry. The section presented reports of Igor Melnikov, the President of Soyuzneftegazservis, Mikhail Silin, the First Vice Chancellor on the Strategic Development of the Gubkin Oil and Gas University; the Director of ZAO Khimeko, GANG and other well-known experts, managers and specialists of the leading oil and gas companies.

The Business Sections also incorporated the topical professional issues relating to the oil-field Geology and Geophysics, construction and servicing of oil and gas wells, optimization of oil and gas production, technological decisions on rational use of associated petroleum gas and other topics. The exhibition represented the latest developments and achievements of Central Geophysical Expedition Company, Introvision OOO, Gradient ZAO, Gubkin Oil and Gas University, Nitinoil OOO, NPK Spetsburmaterialy ZAO, TatNIPIneft, TESCO Corporation, CompactGTL plc, Zedi Inc. and other companies and enterprises.


OZNA – Metering Systems OOO held a conference and roundtable discussions “Intellectual Field: New Solutions for New Capabilities”.

A great number of experts took part in the technical seminar of the GENERAL ELECTRIC OIL & GAS Company in the field of the ICL Technology, as well as in the seminars organized by PermSpetsNefteMash, STEKLONIT Management, Panasonic Rus, Grasis, and the presentation of the equipment of SPECTROSCAN Company.


On June 27, the Neftegaz’2012 exhibition will host the 4th International Conference

MEGATECH’2012: Diagnostics of Technical Condition of Gas and Oil Long-Distance Pipelines, as well as the seminars and presentations of the participants of the exhibition.

The ENERCON’2012 exhibition will also continue its work. The plenary session of the conference will host the discussions of the current state, prospects of development and introduction of innovative methods of the oil recovery factor increase, including the international experience in this field.



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