NEFTEGAZ 2019 Results

573 exhibitors
22,820 visits

Exhibition area 35,285 sq m, 573 companies from 24 countries. Country pavilions: China, Czechia, Germany.

22,820 visits of professionals from 72 countries and 78 Russian regions


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Out of all oil and gas trade shows running in Russia, Neftegaz is the main one. It brings together almost everybody. Things exhibited occasionally at other shows can be seen here in full.

I am interested in technologies which Russian companies offer other Russian companies as part of the import substitution program. We are interested in about 500 main objects, 12 industry groups, programs connected with catalysts, drilling equipment. There is still space to improvement, especially in the field of digital support in the oil and gas industry. It is a big work which will take several years."

Kirill Molodtsov
Deputy Minister of Energy of Russia

"Today, the trade shows and forum, which we are managing, are the only way to convey new information to professionals in the oil and gas industry. Not to mention the economic side of such shows. They are the place where contracts for equipment, works or services, etc., are signed. But the most important thing is what people can see here. That is why we have to support trade shows despite all economic crises and problems which all companies have from time to time. We need trade shows. We have to search for new methods and new technologies to make the cost of our oil barrel lower that even in the Middle East. You can see such things only at a trade show."

Genady Shmal
President of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia

“Transneft is a regular participant in the Neftegaz International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry which brings together leaders of this country’s fuel and energy sector.

This year Expocentre has offered our company a chance to demonstrate the latest equipment and innovative developments of the Transneft system for improvement of quality of oil and oil products transportation and reliable pipeline operation.

That is why I would like to thank the whole team of Neftegaz 2018 for their help and assistance which allowed us to arrange this event at the top level.”

Mikhail Margelov
Vice President, Transneft

"Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding has been taking part in Neftegaz for the last eight years. Every year the company's stand gets bigger, better equipped and also offers more and more information.

Neftegaz is a great opportunity for professionals of the oil and gas industry to learn more about equipment and discuss promising contracts, and for equipment manufacturers to show their new products and get feedback from their customers.
The trade show is well managed and meets all international standards."

Milana Khochukaeva
Deputy Director for Marketing and Advertising, Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding

  • 75% of exhibitors achieved the goals to generate new leads and promote their solutions;
  • 69% implemented or exceeded the plans on expansion of client base and sales increase;
  • 93% highly appreciated the results of Neftegaz 2019;
  • 86% found new suppliers, 30% plan to purchase following the results of the trade show;
  • 87% of exhibitors and 95% of visitors would recommend Neftegaz to their partners and colleagues.

* According to the independent survey of the Romir Research Holding