Anton Druzhinin, Director General at Metran Group

Once again Metran Group is pleased to present its products to the oil and gas industry community at the Neftegaz 2024 exhibition. This year we see very big changes: the number of participants at this exhibition has exceeded the peak days of previous editions. We also notice a huge interest in the oil and gas industry and import substitution technologies.

We are very satisfied with the results we have already achieved. An endless number of non-stop negotiations: timing is minute by minute. All representatives of Russias largest oil and oil and gas companies participate in the negotiations and discuss promising projects.

Neftegaz 2024 is the main event for oil and gas market enterprises such as our company. At Neftegaz, you can see the interest in your company by the number of visitors. Our number of visitors is off the scale. It is just some incredibly huge number of people with specific questions and suggestions. It is an excellent trade show, organised very well.

Marina Shuyskaya, Head of Sales Department at Smolensk Electrical Cable

We represent the Smolensk Electrical Cable plant. We have been present on the cable market for 35 years. We are attending the Neftegaz exhibition for the first time, last year we looked at it for a long time and decided to participate with our own stand. This year we will present a wide range of protected cables for refineries.

We were very pleased with the exhibition. The first day was quite productive: we learnt a lot of new things, talked to project institutes. We had effective negotiations with many customers and exhibitors, so we expect the best results from the exhibition.

Dmitry Myagky, Head of Sales Department at NPO RIZUR

Today we are present at the key trade show dedicated to the Russian oil and gas industry. We believe that this is not only a trendy event, but also a platform to meet old friends, clients and key partners.

We get feedback on our products and the innovations we have introduced over the past two years. The organisation is at a high level: our employees have already held about 400 meetings. This event becomes the impetus for further work throughout the year.

The trade show is the best time to sign new contracts and demonstrate your worthiness. Key industry players come to Neftegaz, we have the opportunity to follow new trends and share experience. Certainly, participation in such an event is very useful for our business.

Today Neftegaz is a perfect platform to do business and develop it.

Mansur Yanberdin, Deputy Director General at Ufagidromash

Ufagidromash has come to the Neftegaz 2024 exhibition. I would like to note the high interest of the drilling rig employees in our products. Many are interested in new keys, new developments, which we will soon be presented at the Neftegaz exhibition.

Our company regularly finds new buyers, concludes contracts with them and hopes for long-term prospects of cooperation. This is not the first time Ufagidromash participates in the exhibition and I would like to note that from year to year everything is at the highest level.

Giniyat Ishbaev, Director General at BURINTEKH Scientific and Production Enterprise, Professor

The Neftegaz exhibition is very significant for the oil, gas and fuel industry. On 16 June, our company turns 25 years old. We are coming to our anniversary with great achievements.

We would like to offer many different tools, equipment and technologies to all participants in the event and look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation. This trade show is one of the leading ones for our industry. This is where specialists meet; discuss new trends and technical solutions.

I wish all participants a good work, positive emotions, new contracts, useful meetings and new achievements.

Daniil Sulavko, Engineer of Project Sales Team at Energosila Group

I am pleased to welcome you all to the international oil and gas exhibition Neftegaz 2024. As part of Energosila Group, we brought the most advanced equipment from electrical engineering to high technology solutions.

The exhibition is a landmark event for Energosila, as it is through cooperation with major players in the oil and gas industry that we have developed and existed for a long time.

Neftegaz is a great opportunity to generate leads and conclude new contracts. In fact, it is a huge space that brings together all the leading players who are able to interact with each other, exchange experience and share all the necessary information.

Energosila is approaching the third day of the exhibition with the plan already over-fulfilled: a number of contracts have been concluded, new partners have appeared, relations with the old ones have been strengthened and the geography of the companys presence has expanded. Energosila and the Neftegaz exhibition are the potential of the future.

Ilya Tuleshov, Project Manager at POLYPLASTIC Group

This years edition is very large: there are a lot of exhibitors from different regions. This is not the first time we have participated in Neftegaz and it can be noted that year by year the exhibition is growing and developing. This year we have had a lot of visitors from the regions, a lot of representatives from oil and gas companies, a lot of specialists in our field.

Thanks to this trade show, our company is growing in volume. We set ourselves a wide range of tasks: first of all to present a new product, but also to find new customers and increase sales. Contracts are concluded both at the exhibition and afterwards.

It is safe to say that those who are not at the show are not in the industry.

Artyom Gusev, Head of Direction at Himprom

Himprom annually takes part in the Neftegaz exhibition. This year our company has developed a unique stand especially for this event, which attracts the visitors attention.

Neftegaz is a very important event for us, bringing together our customers and suppliers. During the three days of the exhibition, we had at least about 70 meetings. By the third day of the exhibition, we had concluded several exclusive contracts.

I would like to note that there are more visitors at Neftegaz this year compared to last year. The exhibition hosts many useful events as part of the conference programme.

I would like to thank the organisers for such a large-scale event dedicated to this topic, as well as for the opportunity to be participants in this exhibition.

Yury Mizgunov, Director General at SENSOR Research and Production Enterprise

Our enterprise is already 33 years old, and we have been participants in this exhibition for a long time. It should be noted that there are no well-known foreign companies here, which used to produce products widely used in the oil and gas sector. However, now similar products are already represented by many participants in this exhibition. Import substitution is not just words, but a real phenomenon.

The exhibition stands look modern, attractive and beautiful and here, of course, the organisers of the exhibition deserve a great deal of credit. We believe that the trade show is very useful for our company, so, as in previous years, we will plan to participate in this event in the future.

Andrey Maslakov, Marketing Director at Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding

Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding is the largest oil and gas machine building enterprise in Russia. We are a regular participant in the Neftegaz exhibition. Every time we see the increasing level of the exhibition. We can see from this event how the industry is growing and developing. There are new players, new participants, new competitors, those that make us go forward, grow, reach new heights and become better.

We very much appreciate our participation in this exhibition. The organisation is as always at a high level. We already have the first results: we had negotiations with two big companies: one Russian and one foreign.

For our company, Neftegaz is also a platform where we can meet both old friends and new customers. We are looking forward to seeing everyone at Neftegaz 2025. Come here, there will be a lot of interesting things to see.

Olga Yudina, Director General at Digital Supply Services

This is the third time we have participated in this key event of the oil and gas industry. This year our stand is much bigger than last year. Neftegaz 2024 is unique in that it managed to combine a networking atmosphere with a large number of participants, which gave us the opportunity to establish useful contacts and find partners.

The fact that more than a thousand participants came here speaks of the scale, attractiveness and interest of the industrial segment, including foreign companies, in this event.

We are proud to be part of this community. We thank Neftegaz for supporting us every year in our endeavours to grow our business.