Post Show Report Neftegaz 2022

12 / 05 / 2022

The 21st edition of the International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry Neftegaz 2022 has become one of the most important events for the Russian and foreign oil, gas and energy industry leaders. 

This year's show was held in difficult political and economic environment, but even these circumstances did not prevent it from showing good results. An important part of the showcase was taken up by foreign companies interested in the Russian market and ready to work on new promising projects.

Dates: 1821 April 2021

Venue: EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition area: 30,000 gross sq m

Attendance: 15,335 visits

Exhibitors: 351 companies (including Chint, Samson Controls, Aviatron, Albatros,  Analitpribor, the Aluminium Association, Bunter Group, Borovichi Refractories Plant, Velan, Gazprom, Goreltex, Kamkabel, Ministry of Economic Development of the Altai Krai, Zavodoukovsky Engineering Works, United Engine Corporation, Cable Alliance Holding, Siberian Industrial Group, OKB Zenith, OKB Vektor, Roost-95, Spetskabel, AUMA Drives, Relematika, TMK, Tomskcable, Tagras Holding, Transneft, Kuibishev Telecom, TREM Engineering, Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding, Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region, NKMZ, Dukhov Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation, Elemer, ZIT, Rizur, etc.)

Countries: 16

National pavilion: Iran  

Russian regions: 39

Products on display:

  • Oil and gas exploration

  • Oil and gas field development

  • Equipment and technology for offshore oil exploration

  • Hydrocarbon gathering, storage and transportation

  • LNG: production, transportation, distribution and use, investments

  • Specialised vehicles for oil products transportation

  • Oil and gas processing, petrochemistry

  • Oil, gas, and oil products delivery and sale

  • Maintenance services, equipment and technology

  • Automated control systems and instrumentation

  • IT for the oil and gas industry

  • Electrical equipment for the fuel and energy sector

  • Safety at fuel and energy facilities

  • Labour protection, safety systems and fire safety equipment

Alexey Vyalkin, Director General at EXPOCENTRE

We see an increased interest in conference programme events, especially those that are highly specialised. For some of them, we even had to close accreditation because the event halls could not accommodate all those wishing to attend.  

Neftegaz 2022 was attended by Iranian Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Petrochemical Affairs Morteza Shahmirzaei and Iranian Ambassador to the Russian Federation Kazem Jalali.

Morteza Shahmirzaei, Iranian Deputy Minister of Petroleum

Iran's oil and gas industry can assist Russia in various fields and be a reliable partner. We are starting a new chapter of strong cooperation in the oil sector."

Companies operating in the energy sector presented cable and wiring products, high voltage equipment, uninterruptible power supplies and automated control systems. Neftegaz 2022 welcomed specialists from Belaruskabel, Ekra, Zavod Innovatsionnyh Tekhnologi, Gorex-Svetotekhnika, Spetskabel, Benning Power Electronics, Pergam-Engineering, Velan, Relematika, Uncomtech, Absolut Technologies, and many others.

The open air area offered mobile houses, a vibrating seismic source and a snow and swamp going vehicle.

Enterprises of the Rostec corporation demonstrated more than 40 developments. The show included new seismic charges, detonating cords, gas analysers and other products for various geophysical works and the development of oil and gas fields.

We would like to thank the exhibition sponsors for their professional support: 

Official exhibition partner: CHINT

Sponsor of registration: Fluid-Line

Sponsor of electronic registration: NTA-Prom 

Partners of the conference programme: ElectroshieldTM Samara Group, Prosoft-Systems, Holcim (Rus) SM

Partners of the exhibition: Sintek, Phoenix Contact Rus, Metrol, Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant, NPP Gerda, CHETA, the Volodin Instrument-Making Plant, Tagras Holding, Ekra, Dräger

Thematic partners of the exhibition: Energomash, UTair Helicopter Services  

The success of Neftegaz 2022 is conformed not only by its figures but also feedback of its exhibitors and visitors.  

Evgeny Lepeshkin, Marketing Director at CHINT

This was CHINT's first experience at Neftegaz, even though we are a regular exhibitor at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. This is the first time we have tried to participate in this trade show continuing our paradigm shift strategy. There are a lot of visitors on the first day of Neftegaz.  Many visitors are planned for the second and third day. We have high expectations for the exhibition.

Natalia Kutsik, Director of Communication Department at Transneft 

Neftegaz has been taking place for two decades. Transneft has been its participant for many years. From time to time our stand is awarded diplomas. We are very pleased that this year we have been awarded a diploma for our stand's individual expressive design, which really reveals our company's industry focus. We are very pleased to be part of this event, and we hope that a large number of interested visitors will come to our stand to find out more about our company.

Roman Baluev, Deputy Director General for Marketing at Elemer

Elemer takes part in oil and gas exhibitions in Russia on a regular basis. Moscow Neftegaz is one of the key exhibitions for us, where we strive to promote our company's brand. Today we have representatives from Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Kazan and Samara. Tomorrow we will have representatives from Saratov. This all gives a synergetic effect from participation in such a major event.

Sergey Gorkov, Director General Chairman of the Board of Directors at RUSGEOLOGY 

We are surprised at the number of participants and the number of people who are interested in the development of the oil and gas industry at the moment. Import substitution is now a priority, and it is important to exchange, create partnerships, and technology platforms. It can be done at events such as this exhibition at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. Our thanks to the organisers not only for the opportunity to exhibit our equipment, which we manufacture, but also for the opportunity to organise discussions and meetings, and sign contracts.

Tatiana Kolosunina, Vice President for Marketing at ElektroShield

Today we are very pleased to present our stand at this key event Neftegaz 2022. This year we have many more meetings, despite the fact that last year's exhibition was frankly a success for us as well. This is why we decided to exhibit at this exhibition. This year there is much more interest. Companies from the regions, our major clients oil and gas production and processing companies have come here. That is why we are happy.

Conference programme

The rich conference programme of Neftegaz 2022 had more than 20 events, which offered more than 200 relevant reports.

EXPOCENTRE with support of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) organised the Technical Session of SPE. Hydraulic Fracturing as a Multistep Path to the Future. Leading experts from oil and gas companies shared their experience, the latest developments and innovative solutions with their colleagues.  As the participants of the session noted, in order to replenish resources it is necessary to bring into development more and more geologically complex fields, the modern development of which is impossible to imagine without hydraulic fracturing (HF) technologies. Reports were made by Vladimir Astafiev (Halliburton), Alexey Kudryashov (BelNIPIneft), Mikhail Samoilov (RN-CEPiTr), and representatives of other oil and gas companies. The participants comprehensively discussed issues of hydraulic fracturing, as well as related spheres of production and research.

On the first day of the exhibition, industry professionals gathered at the thematic sessions on technologies of laser restoration of worn-out parts of imported oil and gas equipment, and the NovAK batteries in the oil and gas industry. The sessions were held by EXPOCENTRE with the support of Reman-Service and Systemtechnik Group.

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The thematic session on SME Participation in the Oil and Gas Supply Chain was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of Kavix Consulting Company on the second day of the show. The discussion was moderated by Viktor Solntsev, Director General at IVM Consulting Group. He noted that five million small and medium enterprises working today have to be involved in high-tech projects of the oil and gas industry. Iliya Dimitrov, Chairman of OPORA Russia's Committee on Digitalization of the Economy and Public Procurement, said that the task of import substitution was a key one, supply chains had to be re-established, making extraordinary decisions. Yulia Romanova, Director of the OTS Sales Academy, drew attention to the competencies of SME management in customer search and procurement. One of the paramount tasks is an ecosystem that will enable the implementation of procurement participation at all stages of the procurement process from the intention to participate in the procurement process to the completion of the procurement process by contract execution. Evgeny Sultanov, Head of the Competition Development Fund, explained how to find understanding and ensure cooperation between large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises.

The session on Transparency and Accessibility of Procurement Procedures in the Oil and Gas Industry: From Regulation to 223FZ took place on the same day and was addressed by Ekaterina Martynyuk, representative of FAS Russia, Evgeny Sultanov, Head of Competition Development Fund, Andrey Kryukov, Director of Kavix Consulting Company. Other topics included Creating a Ready-made Infrastructure for the Development of Production Facilities in the Oil and Gas Industry. Experience of the Sverdlovsk Region, Prospects for Soluble Alloys in Oil and Gas Well Construction, and Innovative and Alternative Protective Coatings for the Oil and Gas Industry.

The Panel on Advanced Well and Reservoir Surveying Methods to Improve the Efficiency of Oil and Gas Field Development, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of the Moscow Institute of Oil and Gas Business and the Well Test Club, became another significant event.  The panel participants discussed issues relating to modern state of wells and layers surveying in Russia. The panel was attended by Mikhail Kremenetsky (Gazpromneft STC), Vyacheslav Fedorov (Bashneft-Petrotest), Sergey Volpin (RAS Research Institute of System Research) and other leading industry experts in the field of integrated well testing.

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The Conference on the Interaction between Science, Education and Business in the Oil and Gas Industry welcomed representatives of research and manufacturing enterprises who shared their experience in implementing programmes of professional training and attracting human resources given sustainable development of the oil and gas industry. The event was organised by EXPOCENTRE AO, the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council, and Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.

In his opening remarks, conference moderator Grigory Krivilev, noted that interaction between the scientific field, the educational part and business in oil and gas plays an important role. The participants discussed skills and competencies of young specialists in energy transition, importance of early career guidance as part of educational strategy implementation. Elisaveta Safarova, researcher at the Institute of Oil and Gas Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences, presented a report on key aspects of training young specialists in the field of hydrogen energy. Head of RN-Yuganskneftegaz's Youth Policy Department Artur Faskhutdinov said that it is very important to influence the young generation, to share knowledge, experiences and cases to make young people interested in making a career at oil and gas enterprises. Albert Salimgarayev, Head of the Project Activities Department and Acting Head of the Strategy Department of Rimera Group, shared his experience in implementing youth projects and interacting with young people. Yuri Dubinov, Chairman of the Council of Young Scientists of the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas presented Gubkin University as a talent forge and research ground for the oil and gas industry.

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The participants in the Session on Aluminium Solutions for the Oil & Gas and Hydrogen Energy Industries, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of the Aluminium Association, offered a wide range of products for the oil and gas industry.

Another event was the Conference on Energy Efficient Solutions for Reducing the Hydrocarbon Footprint, organised by EXPOCENTRE AO with the support of the Russian National Committee of the World Petroleum Council. It addressed the issues of energy efficiency and energy saving not only from the economic but also from the ecological point of view. According to the participants, at the current time of unprecedented external sanctions, the development and implementation of Russian energy-efficient technical solutions was the most important prerequisite for the successful functioning of the Russian oil and gas industry.

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One of the key events of Neftegaz 2022 was the National Oil and Gas Forum.

Holding Neftegaz and the National Oil and Gas Forum on a single platform made it possible to simultaneously discuss the most important current problems facing the fuel and energy sector such as the global transformation of the economy and the energy sector, and improving the performance of the traditional fuel and energy industries against the backdrop of new technological challenges. 

The topic of the Forums plenary meeting was the economics and technology of energy transition: a view from Russia on the transformation of oil and gas markets. The event was opened with welcoming remarks by Ruslan Edelgeriev, Adviser to the Russian President and Special Representative of the President on Climate Issues. According to Mr. Edelgeriev, the Russian Federation is a consistent state that has made climate commitments and has traditionally fulfilled them. In the current situation, it would be unjustified to abandon them. He reminded that a number of countries were ready to cooperate with Russia on climate issues, and stressed that business could already contribute by increasing investment in climate projects, expanding the climate agenda in development strategies, decarbonising and improving energy efficiency. 

Russian Deputy Minister of Energy Pavel Sorokin spoke about new challenges for the industry and stressed that his ministry is open to discussions and contributes to resolving issues that arise. The measures taken, investment decisions and regulatory activities must adapt and be based on things that help the ministry and companies exist in the global market and be in demand.

Chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Energy and President of the Russian Gas Society Pavel Zavalny said that tax support measures, encouragement of import substitution and reduction of the administrative burden on the industry were needed to support the sustainable development of the fuel and energy sector in the current situation.

The participants discussed the main question of how the industry should live and develop under the new sanctions. According to Anatoly Yanovsky, Assistant to the Head of the Presidential Administration of Russia, the sanctions have shown that our country needs to focus on import substitution of equipment, technology and infrastructure development.

According to Mikhail Ivanov, Russian Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade, import substitution targets have not only been set, but they also have actually been met. In Russia, the share of domestic equipment for the oil and gas sector has grown to 60% since 2014. Companies have mastered more than 140 types of industrial equipment, more than half of which were created with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. He also voiced the ministry's main priorities for today. 

Chairman at the Council of the Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia Yury Shafranik is convinced that support from the state is needed. But the oil companies themselves must not stand on the sidelines. The crisis is a reason not to cut back but to increase capital investment. He also believes that there is another challenge in the short term that is finding new markets for Russian oil. In these circumstances, the government must switch to manual control mode, otherwise Russian companies, competing with each other, will drive oil prices down even further. 

Managing Director at VYGON Consulting Grigory Vygon believes that in the new circumstances, the main thing to strive for is supply flexibility. For gas, this means abandoning pipeline supplies. It is necessary to build clusters for the production of LNG.

The Session on ESG Transformation. Reset: New Take and New Business Opportunities was attended by Pavel Sorokin, Russian Deputy Minister of Energy. This is the time to think about the future and create the foundation upon which the energy sector will develop over the next 10-20 years. He noted that the global energy industry will still be changing, but Russia will remain a key player on the global energy market.

According EY partner, Head of Sustainability Services Artem Larin, the main goal for business is to save jobs, so the focus on the ESG agenda should not diminish.

Kirill Molodtsov, Chairman of the Neftegazovaya Vertikal editorial board, took part in the discussion about the prospects of the gas industry in Russia. He noted that that planning for the gas industry should be based on an end-to-end principle from subsoil to the final product that could be made in Russia.

At the Session on Carbon Free Zone and Carbon Management: Regulation, Methods and Technology, Alexey Zhikharev, Director at the Russia Renewable Energy Development Association (RREDA), highlighted an important problem for the development of a low-carbon economy: there is almost no popularisation of this topic in Russia to educate the next generation. Systemic solutions are needed in this area. Russia has no right to remain on the sidelines of the energy transition and ecological modernisation.

President at the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia Genady Shmal proposed to seriously engage in the development of technologies for production of hard-to-recover reserves at the Session on Hard-to-Recover Reserves: Economic Policy and Technological Efficiency of Russian Solutions.

The forum included the Conference on Technology and Digital Leadership: From Import Substitution to Proactive Import Substitution. The task of switching to Russian engineering software is now of particular relevance. Dmitry Fomichev, Director of Mathematical Modelling at Rosatom State Corporation, noted that Rosatom now offers import-independent software to the oil and gas industry. Today more than 70% of software products used in the Russian economy are foreign. A promising area of cooperation between Rosatom and oil and gas companies is joint development of digital twins.

At the Session on the Robotisation of the Fuel and Energy Sector: a Development Concept, Meta-competencies and Future Leaders, speakers talked about robotisation, the future of the oil and gas industry and discussed the support measures needed for innovation. Representatives of the authorities, universities and big business took part in the discussion. 

Another conference held within the forum was named Hydrogen Energy Development H2 Energy: the Economics of Growth and New Technology. It focused on hydrogen energy in Russia, its trajectory of development and key growth points in the changing environment.

The diverse conference programme of Neftegaz 2022 and the National Oil and Gas Forum allowed industry professionals to exchange experience, knowledge, and best practices and discuss new challenges in the context of sanctions. Leading oil and gas enterprises demonstrated the latest technologies and equipment to a wide audience of visitors, studied competitors' offers, found new customers, and expanded the geography of their product deliveries.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the 22nd edition of the Neftegaz International Exhibition at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds from 24 through 27 April 2023.

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