Feedback from participants in Neftegaz 2022

25 / 04 / 2022

Sergey Gorkov, Director General Chairman of Board of Directors at RUSGEOLOGY AO:

We are surprised at the number of participants and the number of people who are interested in the development of the oil and gas industry at the moment. Import substitution is now a priority and it is important to exchange, create partnerships, and create technology platforms. And this can be done at events such as this exhibition at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. Our thanks to our fellow organisers not only for the opportunity to exhibit our equipment, which we produce, but also for the opportunity to organise discussions, meetings and sign contracts.

Evgeny Lepeshkin, Marketing Director at CHINT:

This was CHINT's first experience at Neftegaz, even though we are a regular exhibitor at EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds. This is the first time we have tried to participate in this trade show continuing our paradigm shift strategy. At last year's Elektro, we also made a strong statement, and the main idea was to show the complexity of our solutions. There are a lot of visitors on the first day of Neftegaz. Many visitors are planned for the second and third day. We have high expectations of the exhibition.

Natalia Kutsik, Director of Communication Department at Transneft PAO:

The Neftegaz exhibition has been taking place for two decades. Transneft has been a participant for many years. From time to time our stand is awarded diplomas. We are very pleased that this year we were awarded a diploma for our stand's individual expressive design, which really reveals our company's industry focus. We are very pleased to be part of this event, and we hope that a large number of interested visitors will come to our stand to find out more about our company.

Roman Baluev, Deputy Director General for Marketing at Elemer:

Elemer takes part in oil and gas exhibitions in Russia on a regular basis. Moscow Neftegaz is one of the key exhibitions for us, where we strive to promote our company's brand. Today we have representatives from Krasnoyarsk, Ufa, Kazan and Samara. Tomorrow we will have representatives from Saratov. This all gives a synergetic effect from participation in such a major event.

Tatiana Kolosunina, Vice President for Marketing at ElektroShield OAO:

Today we are very pleased to present our stand at the key event - Neftegaz 2022. This year we have many more meetings, despite the fact that last year's exhibition was frankly a success for us as well. This is why we decided to exhibit at this exhibition. This year there is much more interest. Companies from the regions, our major clients - oil and gas production and processing companies - came. That is why we are happy.