28 / 02 / 2018

Custody transfer of liquids and gases: ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters from KROHNE

At NEFTEGAZ, KROHNE presents an impressive live demo model of a OPTIMASS 2400 DN400/ 16” four straight tube Coriolis meter, as well as an ultrasonic CT flowmeter and a pipeline leak detection system.

OPTIMASS 2400 S400 is KROHNEs latest addition to its Coriolis portfolio for bulk flow measurement of liquids and gases, and the world’s first Coriolis meter with 4 straight tubes. With flange connections DN350 and DN400 / 12” and 16”, it expands the maximum flow rates of the OPTIMASS portfolio up to 4,600 t/h / 169,020 lb/min. The meter comes in Duplex or Super Duplex and with optional secondary containment up to 150 bar / 2,175 psi. The main advantage of the straight tube design is saving installation space, especially with large line sizes. KROHNE is proud to show a live demo of this impressive flowmeter at NEFTEGAZ 2018.

ALTOSONIC 5 is a multi-path ultrasonic flowmeter for custody transfer (CT) measurement in upstream and midstream applications of the oil and gas industry. The high accuracy meter is suitable for measuring all types of crudes in transportation, processing, loading or offloading applications as well as all types of refined products or chemicals. Due to its unique paths configuration, ALTOSONIC 5 is suitable for all flow regimes without Reynolds number limitations. In addition, a vertically mounted transducer pair detects gas on top of the liquid. ALTOSONIC 5 is also ideally suitable for cryogenic applications (down to -200°C / -328°F) as well as applications with high viscosity up to 1500 cSt. Its full bore design enables maintenance-free operation without pressure loss.

PipePatrol is a leading edge system for pipeline leak detection and localisation in pipelines. It is the most sensitive internal leak detection system (LDS) available, providing accurate leak information for a high degree of safety. PipePatrol combines the Real Time Transient Model (RTTM) with a patented Leak Pattern Recognition module to create an Extended Real Time Transient Model (E-RTTM). Its multi method leak detection enables oil and gas pipeline management under both steady and transient pipeline conditions. This way, the LDS is able to reliably distinguish between real leaks and imbalance deviations caused by linefill changes or separation units.

Custody transfer of liquids and gases: ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters from KROHNE.
Now up to DN400 / 16”:
OPTIMASS 2400 straight tube
Coriolis flow meter
for custody transfer of
liquids and gases.
Custody transfer of liquids and gases: ultrasonic and Coriolis flow meters from KROHNE.
For all flow regimes
without Reynolds limitation:

ALTOSONIC 5 ultrasonic
flow meter for custody
transfer of liquids.


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