Participant Feedback

Genady Shmal, President, Union of Oil and Gas Producers of Russia

“Trade shows remain the only opportunity to showcase equipment and technology and implement new achievements. Earlier we had an elaborate system: departments in ministries and a committee on new technology implementation. Nowadays, you can see the latest developments only at trade shows.
Today we’ve attended the stand of the Tatar oilmen. The technology they made is interesting, right and new for development of highly viscous oil. Only they use this technology today. There is no question of large scale oil production so far, but it’s just the beginning.
Another example is the TMK stand. This company is one of Russia’s leading market players which make nearly all pipes necessary for the oil and gas industry.
Today we have a number of manufacturing facilities operating very efficiently. Showcasing their products they make Neftegaz a driving force not only in the oil industry but also in machine building and metallurgy. I used to attend oil and gas trade shows in other countries and I saw more samples there. But, probably, there are few trade shows in the world which can be compared to Neftegaz by the number and range of the issues discussed. Neftegaz holds a rightful place among the world oil and gas shows.”

Pavel Zavalny, Chairman of the Russian State Duma Energy Committee

“The stands are decorated very well. Everything is well presented. Year after year the trade show improves in both its layout and the products displayed.”

Kirill Molodtsov, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

“We intentionally decided to co-locate the Russian National Oil and Gas Forum and the Neftegaz 2016 exhibition. Neftegaz is a recognized show. It demonstrates not only the industry’s rapid development, but also its new growth areas.”

Denis Hoesch, Sales Manager, BORSIG Membrane Technology GmbH (Germany)

“Participation in Neftegaz 2016 is part of our long term policy. We can’t be guided by sanctions. After a while they will be dropped. We want to maintain ties and it should be done right now. Our company participates here because it’s one of the largest trade shows not only in Russia but also in neighbouring states.
This trade show has always been very well organized and leaves excellent impression. The people we meet here are high skilled. For us Russia is a huge market full of strategic prospects.”

Mikhail Cherkasov, Strategic Accounts Director, Schneider Electric (France)

“Our company is well-known on the Russian market. It specializes in voltage distribution, energy efficiency and industry automation. We’ve operated in Russia since 1997. At the moment we have six manufacturing facilities in Russia. In recent years we’ve participated in the trade show every other year. If Neftegaz is held in conjunction with the Russian National Oil and Gas Forum, then we’ll undoubtedly exhibit every year. This format suits us.”

Roman Taganov, Director of Gazpriboravtomatika, subsidiary of Gazprom Avtomatizatsiaya

“Gazprom Avtomatizatsiaya features a network of service centres, six large plants and a design institute.
Neftegaz is an event that brings everybody together. Our stand is attended by new customers, new partners as well as colleagues who use our equipment and share views on our products. Networking with customers at the trade show stimulates further development.”

Sergey Popov, Marketing Manager, Honeywell Process Solutions

“This is not the first time Honeywell has participated in Neftegaz. Our stand is in the right pavilion where automation technologies are located. Here are our main competitors-partners, as we say. The visitors who come here are our target audience. Moreover, we are talking not just about oil and gas customers, Neftegaz is the main trade show for all things related to automation.”

Alexander Karpov, External Sales Manager, Krohne Engineering

“The main thing for us is to generate as many sales leads as possible and learn about new trends and developments in the oil and gas sector. This year we’ve shown a wide range of equipment manufactured by our company, e.g., level meters, mass flowmeters and many others. Krohne Engineering has participated in Neftegaz exhibitions virtually from the time of its foundation. Each time it is a great occasion for the industry. Each edition is special. I think that this year it will also be different from the previous ones; it will be distinctive, but nevertheless economically viable. As for the show organization, it suits us, the exhibitors, well.”

Olga Fedorova, Deputy Marketing Director, Grasys

“We’ve participated in Neftegaz for over ten years. This year we look forward to meeting our customers, first of all. We are glad to see our existing partners; we also scheduled meetings with new companies with which we hope to sign collaborative agreements. This event is an excellent platform to understand what challenges are posed by our customers, on the one hand, and to tell about our products and applicability of membrane technology in gas conditioning, on the other hand. Thanks to networking with our customers, we can find new solutions.”

Alexander Alexeev, Key Account Expert, Tekknow

“This is not the first time we’ve participated in Neftegaz and, as usual, its organization is at high level. As usual, we expect potential clients from the trade show. We also plan to meet our regular customers and attract new ones.”

Tarlan Aliev, Key Account Manager, Trading Company of Factory “Izmeron”

“This trade show is very useful for making new business contacts. Here one can see the latest oil and gas technologies. The Neftegaz exhibition organized by Expocentre is one of the most recognized events in the oil and gas sector in Russia and the neighbouring states. Participation in this trade show is a high profile, prestigious and image building event for any company. This is not the first time our company has exhibited at Neftegaz and I can say each time there is some change in exhibitor profile and participating countries. But the show is traditionally organized at a very high level.”

Anna Sirotina, Head of Marketing and Sales Administration Department, Yokogawa Electric CIS

“Our company has participated in Neftegaz before. This year its main difference is that the show and 3rd Russian National Oil and Gas Forum run under one roof. I believe this fact will draw great attention to the trade show. That’s why we hope that specialists from many companies will attend Neftegaz and we’ll obtain new leads and customers. This year our company presented an enhanced version of the Centum VP R6 production control system.”

Mark Goryachev, General Director, NTA Prom

“Participation in Neftegaz 2016 is attractive for us because everyone knows this trade show, a lot of our customers come here. This year we plan to acquire new clients at the trade show, learn about the latest solutions in the oil and gas industry, meet new people and show our developments. This year we present two new lines of devices to measure pressure and temperature as well as flowmeters.”

Vladimir Zharennikov, General Director of Perm Oil Machine Engineering Company

“I can’t say whether the trade show became better or worse. It’s approximately at the same high level like in previous years. Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that the trade show held in Moscow is a brand promotion event, first of all, where participants do their best to present themselves to the maximum. The event management is good as usual. Both exhibitors and visitors got used that Neftegaz ran only at Expocentre Fairgrounds. This year I’ve seen many new companies. We have great expectations from this show. As far as our company is engaged in a new field – production of telemetric systems – we are interested in cooperation with manufacturers of components for them. We’re also interested in the opinion of drilling and oilfield companies to this topic.”

Andrey Posokhov, Brand Manager, TMK

“The basic difference of Neftegaz 2016 from previous editions is that it runs on the same dates with the Russian National Oil and Gas Forum. Thanks to this, Neftegaz was attended by more industry specialists with whom we networked on professional topics. We regularly participate in Neftegaz and will participate next year.”

Viktor Krupenin, Head of PR Department, Comita Group

“Comita Group has participated in Neftegaz for the second time and will certainly do it next year because we’ve reached all the goals we had set before the event. First of all, we planned to network with existing customers, view new products, show our solutions for the oil and gas industry and, probably, receive new leads and not only from Russia. Our company management, for example, met the delegation from Iran, where we opened a representative office in 2016, to discuss interesting and promising projects.”

Sergey Sibirev, Director for R&D Center, Rimera Group

“Participation in Neftegaz is a tradition for us. It’s a meeting point for oil and gas companies, equipment manufacturers and researchers. This event closes the year: here one year replaces another. For us, developers of oil and gas equipment, a year starts neither on January 1, nor September 1 but here at Neftegaz. Participation in the show enables us to choose the company’s focus area and development trends. We shall be participating in the trade show next year.”