Press Release Neftegaz 2022

12 / 04 / 2022

The Neftegaz International Exhibition for Equipment and Technologies for the Oil and Gas Industry and the National Oil & Gas Forum together create the industry's largest show and networking platform, which incorporates both the oil and gas industry's long history of development and current innovative solutions called to ensure consistent economic growth within the industry.

They are important annual events for Russian manufacturers and suppliers of oil and gas, oil refining equipment, electrical and energy equipment for the oil and gas industry, as well as for companies engaged in oil and gas transportation and storage, and many others involved in the fuel and energy sector. Foreign companies interested in the Russian market and ready to work on new promising projects also occupy an important part of the show.

Holding Neftegaz 2022 and the National Oil and Gas Forum under one roof will no doubt make it possible to simultaneously discuss the most important current problems and practical challenges facing the fuel and energy sector, and to learn about the current technological achievements of the energy industry.

Nikolay Shulginov, Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

Every year, the exhibition and forum become a unique platform, which showcases the latest developments and achievements of Russian and foreign companies in the oil and gas industry. The latest technologies and equipment presented at the exhibition will enable the implementation of promising Russian oil and gas projects, which in turn will lead to increased competitiveness of the Russian oil and gas industry.

Denis Manturov, Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

The oil and gas industry has been and remains one of the most important sectors of the economy. Today, the need to adapt to changing economic conditions poses new challenges and difficult tasks to oil and gas equipment manufacturers. That is why our country pays great attention to the efficiency of machine-building enterprises, introduction of innovative methods of modern product manufacturing, and building up its scientific and technical potential. Neftegaz 2022, which over the years has become one of the main platforms for demonstration of the latest achievements of the oil and gas industry, is an important industry event for developing cooperation between machine-building enterprises, generating sales leads, and expanding the sales geography.

The exhibition and forum conference programme will cover the topics of the technological sustainability of the Russian fuel and energy sector amid the global transformation of the world economy, transformation of the oil and gas market, development of hydrogen energy, robotisation and introduction of AI technologies, environmental engineering, and carbon management issues.

Neftegaz 2022

 Dates: 1821 April 2021

Opening hours: 10.0018.00 on 1820 April, 10.0016.00 on 21 April

Venue: Pavilions No.1, 2, 8, open-air sites, EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds

Organised by EXPOCENTRE AO

Supported by the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade

Under auspices of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Exhibition area: 35,000 gross sq m

Exhibitors: 350 companies (Aviatron, Albatros, Bunter Group, Borovichi Refractories Plant, Velan, Gazprom, Goreltex, Tagras Holding, Kamkabel, Cable Alliance Holding, Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region AO, Ministry of Economic Development of the Altai Krai, Roost-95, TMK, Transneft, Kuibishev Telecom, Analitpribor, Elemer, ZIT, Rizur, NKMZ, United Engine Corporation, OKB Zenith, Siberian Industrial Group, Tomskcable, Relematika, Samson, AUMA Drives, TREM Engineering, Uralmash Oil and Gas Equipment Holding, Spetskabel, Zavodoukovsky Engineering Works, OKB Vektor, the Dukhov Russian Scientific Research Institute of Automation, etc.)

Countries: 15 (Belarus, China, Finland, Germany, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Luxembourg, Russia, Spain, the UAE, the UK, the USA)

Products on display:

  • Oil and gas exploration

  • Oil and gas field development

  • Equipment and technology for offshore oil exploration

  • Hydrocarbon gathering, storage and transportation

  • LNG: production, transportation, distribution and use, investments

  • Specialised vehicles for oil products transportation

  • Oil and gas processing, petrochemistry

  • Oil, gas, and oil products delivery and sale

  • Maintenance services, equipment and technology

  • Automated control systems and instrumentation

  • IT for the oil and gas industry

  • Electrical equipment for the fuel and energy sector

  • Safety at fuel and energy facilities

  • Labour protection, safety systems and fire safety equipment

Every year, Neftegaz is supported by exhibiting companies, which also act as sponsors and partners for the event. EXPOCENTRE would like to thank the exhibition sponsors for their professional support:

Official exhibition partner: CHINT

Sponsor of registration: Fluid-Line

Sponsor of electronic registration: NTA-Prom

Partner of the conference programme: ElectroshieldTM Samara Group, Prosoft-Systems, Holcim (Rus) SM

Partners of the exhibition: Sintek, Phoenix Contact Rus, Metrol, Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant, NPP Gerda, CHETA, the Volodin Instrument-Making Plant, Tagras Holding, Ekra, Dräger

Thematic partner of the exhibition: Energomash, UTair Helicopter Services

Conference programme 

The key event of the Neftegaz conference programme is the National Oil and Gas Forum. It is organised with support of the Russian Ministry of Energy and the industrys leading associations. The forum will take place in Hall 3 of Pavilion No.8 on 1921 April. Admission is by pre-registration on the forums official website.

The forum will include

  • Conference on the Economics and Technology of Energy Transition: A View from Russia on the Transformation of Oil and Gas Markets

  • Conference on Technology and Digital Leadership: From Import Substitution to Proactive Import Substitution

  • Conference on Hydrogen Energy Development H2 Energy: the Economics of Growth and New Technology

Pavel Zavalny, President at the Russian Gas Society

Today, a broad expert and public discussion on the future of the global and Russian energy sector is more important than ever. The unprecedented sanctions pressure on Russia requires not just stepping up the import substitution process, but also developing a fundamentally new strategy for the technological development of the Russian oil and gas industry. Creating such a strategy is only possible through well-coordinated efforts of government agencies, fuel and energy companies, and the scientific community. The National Oil and Gas Forum provides an excellent platform for in-depth analysis of these issues and the development of appropriate solutions.

The NEFTEGAZ.Live area (Hall 3, Pavilion No.2) will host the following events of Navitech 2022:

  • Technical Session of SPE. Hydraulic Fracturing as a the Multi Step Path to the Future

  • Thematic Session on Aluminium Solutions for the Oil, Gas and Hydrogen Energy Industry

  • Conference on the Interaction Between Science, Education and Business in the Oil and Gas Industry

  • International Conference on Energy Efficient Solutions for Reducing the Hydrocarbon Footprint

  • Conference on Prospects for Soluble Alloys in Oil and Gas Well Construction 

Systemtechnik Group, Petroviser OOO, Development Corporation of Sverdlovsk Region AO, Oil Energy OOO, and TIM OOO will hold presentations of their companies. 

You can find the full programme here>>.

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